Foscore Development Center, Transnational Plaza, Mama Ngina Street 5th Floor, Nairobi Kenya

Sep 19th 2022

Development of Quality Management Systems Course

By: Foscore Development Center



Development of Quality Management Systems Course on 19th to 23rd September 2022

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It is a business improvement tool which provides guidance on good management practices and requirements of a quality management system. This training course is highly recommended for businesses and other organizations committed to continually improvement.



Who should attend?

·         Business owners/heads of organizations

·         Managers/supervisors

·         Quality personnel

Course Objective:

·         Develop, implement, and sustain a performance excellence organization culture

·         Principles of quality management and performance excellence.

·         Principles of the quality management and frameworks that have had the most impact

·         Build, develop and sustain an effective quality management and performance excellence   culture

·         Enhanced customer satisfaction

·         Improved operational efficiency and effectiveness

·         Continual improvement of products/services

Course content

·         Introduction

·         Defining Quality

·         Principles, Practices, Techniques

·         Levels of Quality

·         Total Quality in Organizations

·         Quality control in  Non-Profits and Public Sector

·         Quality Management Frameworks

·         Leadership and Strategic Planning

·         Leadership for Quality

·         Strategic Planning

·         Customer Focus

·         Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

·         Identifying Customers. Customer Information.

·         Customer Relationship Management

·         Measuring Customer Satisfaction

·         High Performance Workforce Management

·         Principles of Engagement and Motivation

·         Designing High Performance Work Systems

·         Managing and Sustaining the Work System

·         Process Management

·         Business Processes redesigning Work Processes.

·         Process Control and Improvement

·         Performance Measurement and Information Management

·         Scope of Performance Measurement

·         Designing Effective Performance Measurement Systems

·         Analyzing Performance Data

·         The Cost of Quality

·         Knowledge Management

·         Building and Sustaining Performance Excellence in Organizations

·         Organizational Culture and Performance Excellence

·         Change Management

·         Sustaining a Quality Organization

·         Methodology

·         Process Improvement

·         Quality Cost Management

·         Quality Costs

·         Quality Cost Measurement

·         Quality Costs Reporting

·         Quality Costing and Decision Making

·         Developing Standards

·         Performance Reports