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Sep 26th 2022

Leading Digital Transformation and Innovation

By: Foscore Development Center



Leading Digital Transformation and Innovation on 26th to 30th September 2022

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Although disruption has long been a threat for some industries, the rise of digital technologies has accelerated the pace of disruption in virtually every industry, creating immense ambiguity and unease. Meanwhile, uncertainty continues to accelerate in the broader business environment as the rate at which new technologies emerge increases exponentially - all while competition becomes increasingly fierce. The dominance of established leaders has never been more under threat.

However, these changes are also creating immense opportunities, and the tools to prosper during the age of digital disruption are accessible and available. Drawing on research that uncovers the fundamentals of digital strategy, leadership and innovation, Leading Digital Transformation and Innovation provides an integrated view of leading digital transformation and innovation.

Building on three views of digital - the strategic view, the organizational view and the innovation view - Leading Digital Transformation and Innovation programme provides a comprehensive suite of tools to understand and lead your way through a digital transformation.


5 Days

Who should attend?

  • Designed for leaders and senior executives seeking the full perspective needed to lead in a digital world by developing their strategic understanding, organizational wisdom and innovation-based capabilities.

  • Senior managers looking to develop personalized, actionable plans will also benefit.


By the end of the training participants will be able to:

  • Understand digital disruption drivers. Acquire a concrete view of the key strategic drivers of digital disruption in your industry

  • Put the right team in place. Analyze the organizational and team capabilities needed to support digital-ready business

  • ​Deepen your innovation capabilities. Learn the innovation capabilities to generate more insights and transform these insights into new businesses

  • Leave with action plans. Develop personal, actionable plans to address the strategy, organization, and innovation-based opportunities that you face 




Topics covered include:

Strategic view: Digital disruption drivers

  • Explore how disruption happens, the new elements of digital strategy and how to profit from the core elements of digital strategy - platforms, ecosystems, and digital business models

  • Develop a personalized strategic view of how disruption could transform your industry and how to respond

Organizational view: How to transform into an agile organization

  • Explore ideas for organizational roles and structures in companies that are coping with digital-readiness

  • Learn methods for more effective teamwork in the context of disruptive, 'wild idea' innovation

  • Examine what it means for organizational cultures to be digitally-ready

  • Consider the implications for human social networks in a digital-ready organization

Innovation view: How to respond to disruption through accessing tools like lean startup and design thinking

  • Examine the people, process, and philosophy that established companies can apply to navigate the uncertainty of a digital age

  • Incorporate tools from lean startup, design thinking, agile methodologies, and business model innovation to understand how to nurture the innovations that will create future growth

  • Develop a personal and team action plan of how to generate new ideas and transform them into new businesses or internal solutions